Übü a király, a zabszurd

2020. február 29. 19:30


Übü a király, a zabszurd

2020. február 29. 19:30

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Csaba Balogh: Composite 2.0
November 16, 2018 - January 20, 2018

The works of Csaba Balogh, a contemporary artist of Transylvanian
origin, create a special atmosphere in the Art Nouveau Reök
Palace. The artist graduated from the University of Fine Arts
in Cluj-Napoca in 1989, then moved to Budapest in the early '90s.
His abstract works evoke exciting critical ideas - whether in
consumer society or in industrial image production, which also
puts art in a difficult position. In the words of art historian
Gábor Kaszás "Csaba Balogh is the idealist who thinks that art is
not just a coat for us". Photographs by Bäck Manci December 14, 2018 - January 27, 2018 "Everybody Likes Everything / This is the Luxury of Bäck Manci,"
wrote Gyula Juhász in the 1910s about the brilliantly talented
photographer from Szeged, Bäck Manci. Not only the poet was enchanted
by one of the first female photographers in Szeged, but the whole
town along the Tisza. His sensitive portraits, his artistic files and
his city photos unfold before us a Szeged we have never met. János Aknay: Sky and Earth Geometry February 28th - April 28th REÖK pays tribute to the Kossuth and Munkácsy Mihály Prize-winning
painter János Aknay with a large-scale exhibition. From February 28,
2019, on the occasion of the artist's 70th birthday, more than two
hundred works of Aknay will be on display at the Reök Palace in
Szeged. The comprehensive, life-like exhibition presents significant
works from each era of the active master. Visitors can discover many
of the recurring motifs of his outstanding painterly and graphic
work; such as the house, the angel, the puppet, the cross,
the window, and finally he created a completely individual style
using the motifs of Hungarian and Szekler runic writing.
100 of your contemporary art - XL. Summer Exhibition
May 24 - July 14

The works of the best domestic contemporary artists can be seen by
the public on XL. Summer Exhibition at REÖK. The biennial exhibition
is one of the country's most significant art exhibitions. His current
aim is to present contemporary Hungarian aspirations, to provide a
comprehensive and authentic, stylistically diverse picture of
Hungarian painting, graphics and plastic flows. The exhibition
features figurative and non-figurative works, as well as lyrical
abstract or photographic and hyperrealistic works. Bob Dylan Exhibition July 26 - September 22 Bob Dylan is an icon, one of America's greatest artists, the first
musician to have been recognized for his Nobel Prize for Literature
- more than just Dylan's reaction. The modern legend, who has
inspired millions of people for over half a century, has been
blessed with fantastic creativity and talent in many areas of the
arts: art is no exception. You can also explore a new area of ​​his
complex oeuvre at REÖK. If you are a Dylan fan, you can't miss
the first show in Hungary, and you haven't discovered its
greatness yet, it's time! Exhibition from MKE collection August 9 - September 22 As a result of the fruitful cooperation between REÖK and the
Hungarian University of Fine Arts, the youngest generation of
Hungarian artists can be integrated into the contemporary Hungarian
blood circulation, and besides the fresh values ​​of MKE and the
talented students, the accumulated knowledge and artwork is extremely
important. In previous years, REÖK received a diploma exhibition
for university students, and this year they will see a special
selection from the MKE's very rich collection in the Art Nouveau
Palace. (The organizer reserves the right to change the time)

October 5 - November 17
Exhibition Chaos and Order organized by the National Association of
Hungarian Creative Artists in 2017 will continue in 2019. The second
act of a large-scale exhibition of digital prints of hundreds of
works is also marked by an abstract, highly inspirational concept.
The previous pair of chaos and order may even serve to describe the
(artistic) creative process: when the artist creates / creates,
he / she creates order / composition from chaos. The same is true
for the birth of an exhibition - works that are difficult to decipher
are eventually transformed into an acceptable, lovable, feel-good
exhibition that draws the visitor back. Dimensions is also a similar
buzzword on two levels (if you like, dimension):
it is a versatile challenge for creators and curators alike.


December 6 - January 19

DancingArt exhibition by contemporary photographers! Opening 
ceremony on December 6 at Reök Palace. DancingArt works from
ballet to folk dance to many variations of contemporary dance
are on display. The portrayal of dance has fascinated artists
since ancient times, for a momentous, volatile moment has to
be captured for eternity.  Pictures from the REÖK and MANK
collective exhibition show the different emotions and moods
of a total of 45 photographers on the walls, capturing the
energy of steps and gestures as accurately as possible. The
exhibition of over 70 images will be available until January
19th. We warmly welcome all of you who are interested!
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