Gyermek és Felnőtt Palotaséta

Augusztus 31. 10:15, 11:15


Gyermek és Felnőtt Palotaséta

Augusztus 31. 10:15, 11:15

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János Kalmár - Interval
November 24, 2017 - January 10, 2018

János Kalmár's plastics focus on one thing, and human beings. The tone of his works is conditioned by the constant redefinition of human loneliness, the fragility of the spirit in the world. Spectacular scenes can be seen in the first days of the year.

Hérics Nándor
January 25 - March 18

Today, one of the most versatile artists of our time, Nándor Hérics, is preparing for the exhibition in the rooms of the two levels of the palace. The exhibition will consist of light installations presenting the events of the past and nearly 200 pieces of space installations from the posters of the Hungarian light music (pop, rock, punk) of the past 3 decades.

17. Table Biennale
June 7 - July 7

The Tabletop Biennale Biennale is one of the most significant fine arts events in the summer of Szeged, which crosses the cross-section of contemporary contemporary painting in Hungary: the high-profile showcase has been organized for more than three decades, and this is the sixth time that REÖK is a worthy place.

Virgilius Moldovan: Looking for Identity
July 12 - August 31

The monumental works of the world-famous contemporary sculptor of Romanian origin, born in Vienna, will be exhibited at the exhibition, which depict naked human bodies with a completely radical view, superseding the beauty parlors.

Tamás Náray: ENTRÉE
July 13 - September 5

Exhibition showing the painterly work of the world famous fashion designer. Náray has been doing fashion design for 15 years, and this activity has been getting more attention in recent years. Its nonfigurative, expressive, colorful paintings can now be viewed by REÖK visitors. Among the major institutions, Náray organizes an exhibition on the palace.

Szeged artists' exhibition
August 1 - August 31

The Szeged Artists' Colony has provided space and opportunity for Hungarian contemporary artists for 24 years. During this time more than 150 artists appeared and left their work in the collection of Szeged City. The list of participants shows not only well-known names in Hungary but also abroad. From the beginnings, from the beginnings of the progressive approach of the artists' colony, those who are freshly graduated or even university graduates are present as well as the Munkácsy prize-winning creators who have already achieved great professional success.

Selection from the Mihályfi collection
September 20 - November 4

The author of the collection, Ernő Mihályfi, was born on September 3, 1898 in Béren, Nógrád county. As a publicist, he has been acclaimed by many artists of his age. During her work, with several graphics, painter, sculpture, friendship, and art criticism, Ernő Mihályfi created a prominent collection of works, systematically searching for works by major Hungarian artists from the turn of the century to the end of the 1960s. E - a safe and sensuous collection offers a comprehensive, sensuous picture of the 20th century. the most typical domestic art tendencies of the first half of the 20th century.

Exhibition of Csaba Balogh
Scheduled date: November 16 - December 31

His paintings are based on the works of abstract artists appearing at the beginning of the 20th century and the abstract expressionism represented by the New York School founded around the 1950s. Its technical elements are characterized by the communicative use of crude, sometimes precise forms and the highly pulsating color environment surrounding them.

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