Katarina Witt is the Queen of Verdi’s Un ballo in Maschera in Szeged

The Olympic and World Champion figure-skater, who was also an actor in a few films, will be the star in the most spectacular scene of this year's opening production of Szeged Open-Air Festival. Her fantastic costume as the Queen of the ball will be designed by Tamás Náray.

Announcing the programme for the 2015 Szeged Open-Air Festival
 After an absence of ten years, a Verdi opera will again be performed at the Szeged Open-Air Festival, joined by the first Shakespearean work in more than a decade. The directors held a press conference today to discuss the programme for the coming summer, with ticket sales commencing on the same day. 
Depardieu’s order: János Háry, Gyula Bodrogi, fish soup

Gerard Depardieu will play the role of Napoleon in today's premier, János Háry of the Open-air Festival. The performance is fantastic – as he pointed out. The superstar joined the cast on Wednesday this week. He was amazed by his talented colleagues and the staging of the play by Attila Béres. He said that he got to know Hungarians through the beautiful musical play of Zoltán Kodály.

Depardieu signed his contract to play at Szeged

Gerard Depardieu signed his contract with the Open-Air Festival of Szeged for the role of Napoleon in the Hungarian play János Háry. Tamás Herczeg director, Gyula Harangozó artistic director and the director of the play was present at the important meeting.

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